Natacha Kio - Artistic Creations

Natacha Kio is deeply attached to the process of intellectual reflection. Her outlook, steeped in Aristotle’s ideas, is oriented toward nature and the human body. According to Poetics, the act of creating is naturally found inside our bodies.

Writing and photography are two of her passions, which she has practiced since childhood. Music – her main source of inspiration – serves as a reflection of her inner world, nourished and woven with rhythms, harmonies, and colors.

scintillations and variations

Natacha Kio considers the real of existence as inseparable from the world of the senses. Her two favorite means of expression – photography and writing – are complimentary vectors in her reflection on creativity. She is guided by the “light”, in the spiritual sense as well as in the scientific sense. In order to capture it, Natacha Kio seeks to explore Water in all its transformations, its vital and audible forms. For Natacha, in this natural world, sounds and all forms of life are orchestrated by silence – so dense, delectable, and eloquent.

Natacha Kio and Lou